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Women’s Voice – India’s ChoiceWomen’s Voice – India’s ChoiceWomen’s Voice – India’s Choice

By New Generations

On 25, Sep 2019 | In | By New Generations

Women’s Voice – India’s Choice

Sunday, 3rd November 2019, 4 pm, Orfeos Erben, Frankfurt
Friday, 8th November 2018, 7:30 pm, Filmclub 813, Cologne

Director Shammi Singh is present

What’s it like being a woman in India today? How is her life compared to that of her mothers and grandmothers? Director Shammi Singh explores these questions in his film.

How is it to be a woman in India? How is their life compared to those of their mothers and grandmothers? These are the questions director Shammi Singh has asked women all over India. The result is a multi-faceted portrait of today’s Indian women with their struggles, challenges, reflections, hopes and dreams.

The huge contrasts between traditions and rapid modernization, religion and digitalization, rural and urban, men and women make India what it is today: a super-fast developing country with an immense cultural superstructure which affects everyone’s lives, in particular women’s lives. The film tells the story of women leading independent and self-determined lives.

• Director and script: Shammi Singh • Germany 2019 • 70 Min • German, English, Hindi with German subtitles

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