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On 30, Nov 2014 | In | By New Generations


Friday, 07 November 2014, 07:00 pm / Hesse/ North-Rhine-Westphalie-Premiere

Jabya, a Dalit boy, wants to lead a normal life and longs for a romantic life, but fails dramatically due to the Indian caste system. Fandry rocks all the festivals in Europe.

Jabya, a teenage Dalit boy, falls in love with the middle class girl Shalu and takes every effort to win her love. But then his family, which is unwillingly tolerated in the village for the dirt work, has to catch a couple of wild pigs. And the whole village is watching. A catastrophe for Jabya.

Fandry is Indian film of the year 2013 and is considered to be an Oscar candidate in 2015.

Fandry ist the debut feature film of director Nagraj Manjule:

“Fandry, is therefore and indeed no wonder, my own experience of life. Having born in a nomadic tribal caste and being the first in my family to acquire education, I got acquainted with notions and concepts of human independence, social equality and human rights.

Just Iike ‘Fandry’ is a soft love story blossoming in the heart of a tender-aged boy called iabya over the background of the unsympathetic society equally potent a story it is of a spirited and awe-inspiring chase made by a brave youth to win self-pride, material life and pleasures It offers, for making the dreams come true even while overcoming the heinous inferiority complex emanating from the feeling of being nothing less than a mucky pig in the wicked castes system of Indian society.”

• Writer and Director: Nagraj Manjule • India 2013 • 101 Min. • Marathi with English subtitles • cast: Kishor Kadam, Chaya Kadam, Somnath Avghade, Suraj Pawar Payeshari

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