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New Generations Short Film WallahNew Generations Short Film WallahNew Generations Short Film WallahNew Generations Short Film WallahNew Generations Short Film Wallah

By New Generations

On 10, Sep 2016 | In | By New Generations

New Generations Short Film Wallah

Friday, 28 October 2016, 9 pm
German premieres
New Generations Short Film Wallah Award

Subtly and yet with driving clarity and force, the selected short films representatively address momentous topics such as acquisition of education, working conditions, poverty, gender relations and a personal approach to historical events.

Our selection of shorts – movies at a very high level dramaturgically as well as aesthetically – mainly features productions of various film genres from India. Be it a classic documentary, an essayist approach or scripted reality, our versatile program encompasses a wide filmic range. This year’s shorts centre around a cinematic analysis of society and its criticism thereof.

Before Dawn
On a late evening, a man spots a young woman on his way home. She’s all by herself, waiting at an abandoned bus station. What should he do?
• Director, script: Sunit Sinha • India 2015 • 10 Min. • Hindi, with English subtitles • Cast: Vineet Kumar, Rashmi Mann, Nitin Pareek

Asif works as a security guard. One night he notices some suspicious activities on the premises which trigger a profound conflict within him.
• Director, script: Aly Rana • India 2015 • 11 Min. • Hindi, with English subtitles • Cast: Yashpal Sharma, Amit Jairath, Rajveer Popalghat

Planet X
Breaking News – An alien planet is menacingly drawing nearer to earth’s atmosphere and spreads panic as well as surges of hope throughout earth’s population.
• Director, script: Rohit Gill • United Kingdom 2015 • 7 Min. • English • Cast: Neerja Naik, Lawrence McGrandles Jr., Simon Purdey, Valmike Rampersad, Danny Nutt, Aliya MD Aris, Jordan Clarke

Seeta can barely make a living by selling her flowers. Thus she decides to become a surrogate mother for an American couple.
• Director, script: Prasanna Kodapadi • India 2016 • 18 Min. • Kannada, with English subtitles • Cast: Niveditha

The Dark
A little girl waits for her father to come home to teach him new letters so that he can learn how to write his name. Tonight, though, he won’t come.
• Director, Script: K V R Mahendra • India 2015 • 14 Min. • Telugu, with English subtitles • Cast: Varma, Priyanka Agastin, Baby Keerthi

The School
Ramudu wishes for his two young sons to have the opportunity to lead a better life than he did himself. Yet after a fight with his son, he must realise that a good education doesn’t only become apparent through good grades.
• Director: Shiva Kumar • Script: Sriyan • India 2016 • 15 Min. • Telugu, with English subtitles • Cast: Rajiv Kanakala, Mounika, Sativk, Ruthvik

To my Dreams
Pankaj Kumar lives in the slums of Delhi. His greatest wish in life is to become a medical doctor.
• Director: Anjana Premchand, Khalid Shah, Ankit Jain • India 2016 • 20 Min. • Hindi, with English subtitles • Cast: Pankaj Kumar

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