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New Generations Short Film WallahNew Generations Short Film WallahNew Generations Short Film WallahNew Generations Short Film Wallah

By New Generations

On 03, Oct 2017 | In | By New Generations

New Generations Short Film Wallah

Satursay, 4th November 2017, 18:30 pm
German premieres
New Generations Short Film Wallah Award

Subtly and yet with driving clarity and force, the selected short films representatively address momentous topics such as acquisition of education, working conditions, poverty, gender relations and a personal approach to historical events.

Our selection of shorts – movies at a very high level dramaturgically as well as aesthetically – mainly features productions of various film genres from India. Be it a classic documentary, an essayist approach or scripted reality, our versatile program encompasses a wide filmic range. This year’s shorts centre around a cinematic analysis of society and its criticism thereof.

Bhauvra (Spinning Top)
A single father struggles to make ends meet after a recent drought has devastated his crop, as he seeks to provide a better life for his child — even if that means abandoning him.
• Director, script: Saraswathi Balgam, Santosh Darne • India 2017 • 7 min • OV with English subtitles • Cast: Santosh Darne, Aditya Pawar

Chafa The Little golden flower
Reality and routine has its own pace and novelty. The place we live in plays a vital role in our lives, not only because we can be found, but surroundings do shape our behaviour and responses. There are moments where the line between reality and illusion gets blurred and we are lured by an illusion which on the exterior always looks more interesting than the routine. In that moment we try to change ourselves as per the illusion demands. But what really changes? We? Our responses? The situation? Chafa delves into these blurred lines where we try to figure out what’s better for us, the reality or illusion.
• Director, script: Manasi Deodhar • India 2017 • 19’30 min • OV, no dialogue • Cast: Makarand, Mungekar Swarali, Salaskar

From Jappan
When Jappan’s mother is scandalized by his live-in relationship, he flashes back to his twelve year old self living under the thumb of his family’s culture. The film is a pilot for a series about 12 year old Jappan Mehta who navigates his American life besides his very Indian parents.
• Director,script: Raj Trivedi • USA 2017 • 8 min • OV Cast:Aiden Eyrick, Lisa Vaynberg, Purva Bedi, Siraj Huda, Grace Telegadis”

Inspired by true events. Geeta has been brought to the United states as domestic worker by an Indian couple with the promises of giving her the American Dream. After moving to America, the new environment surpasses her ideal because of her poor socio-economic upbringing. However it is not long until Geeta slowly realizes that although she is in the land of opportunity, her financial, personal and social freedoms are slowly being taken away from her new life.
There are no obvious signs of violence in this modern day household, but Geeta is enslaved by mental abuse. As a result, she has to make a choice of whether she should go back to India and accept the life engrossed with poverty or stay in the US in this beautiful cage?
• Director, script: Sohil Vaidya • India 2017 • 16 min • OV with English subtitles • Cast: Komal Daga, Shefali Deshay, Kapil Talwalkar, Laura Gonzales

A little boy is dreaming ….
• Director: Sandeepan Chanda • Indien 2017 • 3’30 min • OV with English subtitles •

Late night at a chawl in central Mumbai, a prostitute finds the courage to leave her sterile and meaningless life. A hostage girl escapes her kidnappers, causing a shootout between some gangsters. And a paralysed war veteran tries to walk after years of a sedentary lifestyle, All happening next door to each other in a singular uninterrupted shot.
• Director, Script: Aly Rana • India 2016 • 19 min • OV with English subtitles • Cast: Yashpal Sharma, Trimala Adhikari

Tears of the Autumn
Hardouk Ooush (Tears of the autumn) is the story of an old man who has lost his son to the socio political turmoil in Kashmir. After years of search for his disappeared son, he has finally come to know of his whereabouts – an unmarked grave.
• Director, script: Wasaf Jeelani • India 2017 • 15 min • OV, no dialogue

The Bookshelf
India has in recent times, witnessed a spate of incidents that calls to question its secular nature. Acts of intolerance towards books, films, faiths, people of alternate sexual orientations, and everything that does not tug a majority narrative. The film portrays the intolerance towards one such group.
•Director: Sandeep Ravindranath • Script: Sandeep Ravindranath and Eric Paul • India 2017 • 3’20 min • OV, no dialogue