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The Sweet RequiemThe Sweet RequiemThe Sweet Requiem

By New Generations

On 25, Sep 2019 | In | By New Generations

The Sweet Requiem

Sunday, 3rd November 2019, 5:30 pm, Orfeos Erben, Frankfurt

When a young, exile Tibetan woman unexpectedly sees a man from her past, long suppressed memories of her traumatic escape across the Himalayas are reignited and she is propelled on an obsessive search for reconciliation and closure.

Dolkar, a young Tibetan exile, lives in Delhi. She loves her life there and is involved in the community, even if the longing for her family in Tibet remains. But when suddenly a man from her past appears in her environment, she is haunted by the memories of her traumatic and fateful flight from Tibet. She follows the dubious man through the narrow alleys of the Tibetan refugee colony in Delhi and unexpectedly gets into the sights of Chinese agents.

The end remains open, but doesn’t leave you helpless. The film captivates with its strong visual language and you just can’t escape the fate of the little Dolkar.

• Director: Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam • Script: Tenzing Sonam • India, USA 2018 • 91 Min • Tibetan with English subtitles • Cast: Tenzin Dolker, Jampa Kalsang • Music: Michael Montes


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