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A Billion Colour StoryA Billion Colour StoryA Billion Colour Story

By New Generations

On 03, Oct 2017 | In | By New Generations

A Billion Colour Story

Sunday, 5th November 2017, 6 pm, Orfeos Erben,

A sensitive 11 year old wants to protect and save his father’s dwindling faith in the idea of India as an inclusive and secular nation. Can he do it? A moving film about racism and religious intolerance.

Eleven year old Hari Aziz is born to a Muslim father, Imran, and a Hindu mother, Parvati. They’re both aspiring film makers in metropolitan Mumbai. Hari is a typical Google generation kid – curious, sensitive, global and connected. He is also exceptionally perceptive.

Like most 21st century metropolitan kids, Hari has been brought up in comfort, surrounded with love, humour, knowledge and kindness. His parents have always taught him to love his country and what it represents.

When certain unsavoury incidents change their life and upset their idyllic existence, even Imran’s very faith in the pure and inclusive fabric of India is eroding. Perturbed by his father’s pain, Hari decides to do something that restores his belief.

• Director and Script: Padmakumar Narasimhamurthy • India 2016 • 115 Min • English • Cast: Gaurav Sharma, Vauka Sunkavalli, Dhruva Padmakumar, Rashmi Somvanshi, Swapnil Ralkar

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