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Best of No Masala – Traveling Indian Short FilmsBest of No Masala – Traveling Indian Short Films

By New Generations

On 28, Oct 2011 | In | By New Generations

Best of No Masala – Traveling Indian Short Films

Curated and presented by Bernd Lützeler

Alternating the Bollywood mainstream innovative young film makers have emerged in India, challenging traditional clichés and presenting a fresh approach to the medium. For the last time モNo Masala – traveling Indian short filmsヤ stops at Frankfurt, carrying the favorite works of the vital and growing short film scene in its luggage, presented personally (tba) by Bernd Luetzeler. No Masala collaborates with the Mumbai based “The short circuit”.

With 500 Rupees to Heaven
Where ever you wanna go, the Chennai rikshaw whallas know the way, even if you want to go to heaven.
• Directors: Jan Gassmann & Thomas Jörg • India, Switzerland 2004 • 5:50 min. • English, Tamil • documentary • photography: Thomas Jörg • cast: the rickshaw drivers of Chennai

Bengali Tourist
Contrary concepts of travelling: the great and often complaining Moroccan traveller, Ibn Battuta and the Bengali tourist. A cell animation with photographic background, featuring animated figures in the foreground.
• Director: Sarnath Banerjee • Great Britain 2003 • 4 minutes • animation • English • script and photography: Sarnath Banerjee • editing: Graham Young • music: Canned

Aamchi Kasauti – Our Test

Sita, Shewanta, Kaushalya are dusting the streets around the city of Pune… They scavenge dust from daybreak to dusk and take their harvest at the end of the day to the gold traders.
• Director: Rrivu Laha • India 2005 • 11 min. • documentary • Hindi/ Marathi with English subtitles, •
photography: Pierre Friquet • editing and music: Rrivu Laha


The bride does whatever it takes to conceal her past and preserve her honour on her wedding night.
• Director: Andre Cooray • USA 2002 • 7:20 min. • fiction • cast: Sheetal Sheth, Badraji Jayathilika • script: Andre Cooray • photography: Mary Ann Mandishona • editing: Andre Cooray


Based on an UN convention for child rights, this animation is about a young girl sold by her father. The girl comes to the city fostering big dreams only to find herself in a brothel. Child trafficing and -prostitution are major problems in India.
• Director: Kireet Khurana • India 1998 • 6:30 min. • animation

TV Stories

Associative diary of a TV junkie. A journey into the past that opens up a whole world of long-forgotten images. Mumbai international Film Festival 2006
• Director: Sreejith Karanavar • India 2005 • 16 min. • docu-fiction • English, Hindi • script: Sreejith Karanavar • photography: Nilip Deb • editing: Amitava Singha • music: Pritam Das • voice: Sreejith Karanavar

Bheeru No.1

A spoof on Bollywood film making and -structure. It contains romance, action , comedy , tragedy and miracle popularly known as モmasalaヤ in Bollywood lingo.
• Director: Parag Natekar, Mehul, Uttam Pal Singh • India 2002 • 7:41 min. • animation • Hindi with English subtitles • music: Kaushal Inamdar • voices: Chetan, Nisha

Village Football

India, Gandhi said, lives in its villages. A lack of infrastructure is compensated with great passion and improvisation. That’s also true for football.
• Director: Sainath Choudhury • India 2005 • 1 min. • fiction • script: Sainath Choudhury • photography: Jason West • editing: Prakash K/Davinder K • music: Derrick Gomes • cast: Kashish Dasani

6 ft in 7 mins

A short dark comedy about Rajeev Reddi, an East Indian guy who has been surrounded by death all his life, and on his 18th birthday he finally comes to understand why.
• Director: Rafael Del Toro • USA 2005, • 14: 30 minutes, • comedy • English • cast: Mohammed Chaudhry, Yousef Gaffary, Joe Glass

Zulmat – Darkness

The life of a group of street kids in Bangalore. With their overwhelming instinct for freedom they act out their lives in a world full of fantasies and fears. The film uses candid, fictionalized footage and animation.
• Director: Ishan Ghosh • India 2006 • 21 min. • docu-fiction • Hindi / Kannada with English subtitles • script: Ishan Ghosh • photography: Umang Razdan Bhattacharrya • editing: Ishan Ghosh • music: Aphex Twin