Indian Vibes Radioshow: Cornershop Interview
Sun, 27 Dec, 12 – 14 h - Radio X, Frankfurt
Tue, 12 Jan, 14 – 16 h - FSK, Hamburg

CornershopIn November Cornershop presented their new album „Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast“ in Frankfurt. We spoke with Tjinder Singh on this occasion.

Have nice Christmas holidays and get well into 2010.

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New Generations
Independent Indian Filmfestival 
A new film festival in Frankfurt
6  – 8 November 09 at „Orfeo's Erben“
Hamburger Allee 45, Frankfurt

A fresh breeze sweeps Germany’s festival scene: From 6 to 8 November “New Generations presents independent productions focusing India at the renowned cinema Orfeos Erben in Frankfurt. The festival is unique in Germany.

Bollywood as the world biggest film industry is well known, but there is much more to Indian cinema to discover, and that is exactly what “New Generations” will do. The Indian film scene is as complex  and diverse as the country itself. For three days Indian “New Generations” will present amazing independent highlights, among them several German movie premieres.

No festival without a party! Especially for this night the internationally acknowledged DJ Equal-I (Anokha Crew) will come over from Great Britain. On Sunday our guests can indulge a delicious Indian Brunch (r.s.v.p. until 5 Nov Tel 707 69 100).

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Live at our Indian Vibes Radioshow:  Shaheen Dill-Riaz, Director of “Koran Children”
Sun, 27 Sep, 12 – 14 h on Radio X, Frankfurt
Tue, 13 Oct, 14 – 16 h on FSK, Hamburg

In his home country Bangladesh Shaheen Dill-Riaz succeeded in filming in a madrasa. His new documentary “Koran Children” shows the mysterious institution, the madrasa, from the teachers’ point of view but mainly through the eyes of the pupils and their parents. Shaheen Dill-Riaz will be with us in this broadcast. His film “Koran Children” is currently screened at Kino Mal seh’n, where he will be appearing in person on Sunday evening, 27 September. 

Radio X 91,8 fm, 99,85 cable in Frankfurt, Livestream

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Indian Vibes Radioshow:  Strange Geometry Mix and London Mela
Sun, 23 August 12 – 14 h - Radio X, Frankfurt
Tue, 08 Sep, 2 to 4 pm - FSK, Hamburg

London Mela 2009The Strange Geometry Mix by Pardon My Hindi is perfect for the summer. Kurian tells about his visit to the London Mela and has the hottest news from London. We take a closer look at “Korankinder” by Shaheen Dill-Riaz, as it will be screened for two weeks at the Mal seh’n cinema. And of course we have music for you.

Radio X 91,8 fm, 99,85 cable in Frankfurt

FSK 93.0 MHz fm, 101.4 MHz cable MHz fm, 101.4 MHz cable (Hamburg) & 105.7 MHz cable (Norderstedt, Itzehoe & Henstedt-Ulzburg)

Indian Vibes Radioshow:  
20 years German-Indian Filmassociation
Sun, June 28, 12 to 14 h on Radio X, Frankfurt
Tue, July 14, 14 to 16 h on FSK, Hamburg

This year the German-Indian film association celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since 1989 the association screened 350 films at the cinema of the Filmmuseum, ranging from art house to documentary and avant-garde, Bollywood was a must, whereas the films of the sixties meanwhile are considered as classics. Vijay Kumar, director of the German-Indian film association will be our guest in this show. We also will present new music like the new album by the Midival Punditz or by Nickodemus. 



Indian Vibes Radioshow:  Weather
Sun, 24 May, 12 – 14 h - Radio X, Frankfurt
Tue, 09 June, 14 – 16 h - FSK, Hamburg

Foto Kovalam Beach GewitterThe new Basement Jaxx track “Raindrops” gave the idea. At the first look not such a thrilling issue, but a lot of tracks deal with different meteorological situations, ranging from sunshine to rain, showing an amazing preference for bad weather. Furthermore we spoke with Alka Macwan and Manoj Macwan of Community Development Society in Anand/Gujarat, supporting the Dalits. 


Who wants to be a Souvenir?

Who wants to be a Souvenir?Especially for the exhibition Manoj Kallupurackal created the interactive work „Who wants to be a Souvenir?“ inviting the visitors to compose their personal “art piece“ and choose with which artists they want want to surround themselves. The menue offers among others Shilpa Gupta, Bharti Kher or Suboth Gupta, but also Aravind Adiga, author of „The White Tiger“ oder Jhumpa Lahiri, who has written „The Namesake“. Additionally the visitors can insert their own portrait per webcam and finally can save their composition. We printed the first 100 pictures as postcards and they can be picked up on Sunday, 5 April from 5 to 7 pm at the Galerie station. All the other pictures will be available per mail or on our website. Just drop us an email:



Indian Art Forum
International Art Exhibition
Galerie station/ Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
Curated by Indian Vibes (Petra Klaus, Binu Kurian Joseph) and b.k.i. (Sandip Shah)
12 March to 12 April 09

Opening:  Wed 11 March 09, 8 pm
Music:  Indian Vibes, Visuals:  20dre, C.U.Eye 

Flyer Indian Art ForumThe international exhibition „Indian Art Forum” shows current positions of young second generation Asians, living in Germany, Great Britain, Egypt, Austria and the USA. They grew up with the rich background of both cultures, now using their creative potential in various artistic fields.

In 2006 Indian Vibes presented digital art created by British-Asians artists at Galerie station. 2007 Sandip Shah showed „Bombay Connection“ at the b.k.i. So the idea came up to put together this show.

With the participation of Vinita Agarwal, Chiraag Bhakta, Karan Islania, Manoj Kallupurackal, Ashok Kapur, Sabahat Nawaz, Sandip Shah, Ruby Sircar, Shihab Vaippipadath.

More about the artists ...



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