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Sun. 22 October 06, 12 - 14 h:
Indian Vibes Radioshow:Natacha Atlas

When Natacha Atlas gave a stunning performance a the lovely open air stage at Palmengarten, lurring most of the audience into belly dancing, we had the chance to speak with the multi-ethnical artist. The very charming and funny Natacha Atlas talked with us about her new album, her relation ship with Indian music, politics and finally Kurian convinced her to sing a little a capella tune exclusively for Indian Vibes!


Fri, 13 October 06, 20 h
No Masala - Traveling Indian Short Films  - Deutsches Filmmuseum
23 h After No Masala Party Indian Vibes, Venue:Lola Montez, Am Städelshof

Alternating the Bollywood mainstream innovative young film makers have emerged in India, challenging traditional clichés and presenting a fresh approach to the medium. For the third year in a row No Masala - traveling Indian short films - stops at Frankfurt, carrying the newest works of the vital and growing short film scene in its luggage, presented by Bernd Luetzeler and Mumbai based Kunal Jhaveri from "The short circuit".

Like in the years before the screening will be followed by the After No Masala Party with the Indian Vibes DJ Team, this time at the infamous Lola Montez. Tablabreakbeats, Sitarfunktronics, Tabla'n'bass and Bollywoodfunk are the trademark of our Indian Vibes club nights. We invite you to swing a leg to our eclectic Indian flavoured mix - reaching from M.I.A. to A.R. Rahman Remixes, from Ananda Shankar to the Chemical Brothers.

So move your feet to the tabla beat.

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Indian Vibes Party @ Mousonturm 07 October 06, 10 pm 
Indian Vibes a.k.a. Kurian und Petra Klaus
Visuals:23dre und C.U.Eye
Waldschmidtstraße 4, Frankfurt
Free Entrance!!!!

Tablabreakbeats, Sitarfunktronics, Tabla'n'bass and Bollywoodfunk are the trademark of of our Indian Vibes club nights. At the Mousonturmメ bookfair party we will make everybody dance with our eclectic Indian flavoured mix - reaching from M.I.A. to A.R. Rahman Remixes, from Ananda Shankar to the Chemical Brothers. Wins Thinamparampil, originating from Kerala, will throw in his tabla beats and the VJs 23dre and C.U.Eye will complete the party with their atmospheric visuals. So move your feet to the tabla beat!!

This will also be your last chance to visit the exhibtion "Indian Vibes presents Enter" which will be closing on Sun, 08 October 06.


1st International Conference Call Center India
Indian by Day - American by Night
Sat. 23 September 06, 2 pm
Museum fuer Kommunikation
Indian Brunch 12 am

Indian Vibes wants to explore what it means to be "Indian" in a 21st century globalised world. Nearly every day we are presented in the media with news about outsourcing and the loss of jobs in the western world. But how do the people live and work in the countries to which the jobs are offshored?

Approximately 250,000 young Indians live upside-down lives, sleeping through the day and working through the night at call centres. They're well compensated for their efforts:With salaries averaging between Rs 12,000 and Rs 15,000, they've got lots of money to spend and they love to party. But the stress levels are high and few are able to last longer than two years. Ashim Ahluwalia's stunning and awarded documentary "John & Jane" portrays six call center agents in Mumbai. We will show the film in collaboration with Orfeos Erben and invite everybody to the 1st international conference "Call Center India - Indian by day - American by Night", where our renowned international guests will tell us more about the souls of the outsourced and the left behind. So let's spend an exiting and interesting afternoon with director Ashim Ahluwalia and Vinod Shetty, both from Mumbai and Munich based Manfred Stockmann.

A delicious Indian Brunch at noon will put you in the right mood for this exceptional afternoon at the Museum für Kommunikation. Read more about this sizzling topic.



Indian Vibes presents ENTER at Galerie station/Mousonturm
14 Sept - 08 Oct  - Exhibition

Five talented young British-Asian artists will present their innovative digital art in the exhibition "Indian Vibes presents ENTER" at Galerie station/Mousonturm in Frankfurt. We would like to invite you to the opening on Wed 13, Sept, at 8 pm. Anab Jain's "The Yellow Chair Stories" tell about her "grass root" interactive design project. In "Reconstruction" Kunal Basu presents an empty world, where human beings only appear as models on billboards and posters. In their videos and posters Ibrahim Serra-Mohammed and Kunal Anand explore the London underground. Sukhjit Gill transformed two romantic stories in stop motion animations. The exhibition was curated in collaboration with Ilze Black, Head of New Media and Enter at the renowned Watermans/London.

Enjoy fresh art from London:Galerie station/Mousonturm, Waldschmidtstr. 4, Frankfurt


Radio X is broadcasting live from the conference

Radio X is broadcasting the conference live from "Museum für Kommunikation" on 91,8 fm in Frankfurt and for everyone, who is not in Frankfurt, there is the livestream! You can even put questions to our guests via email during the conference/discussion.  


Welcome to the new Indian Vibes Website

 We would like to invite you to visite our new website, where you find more about our activities regarding this years's bookfair where India is Guest of Honour. We will present an exhibition with Anglo-Indian artists, the 1st International Conference Call Center India and of course a party. You will find reviews, portraits of artists and infos about our radioshow. We also would like to invite you to join our forum about callcenter. We are currently updating the site so just have a look from time to time.

Looking for the Yellow Chair 

Part of our bookfair activities will be an exhibition at Galerie station/ Mousonturm with British-Asian artists from London. Anab Jain will show her documentary about her interaction design project called "The Yellow Chair". She invited neighbours and passersby to use her open internet access and have a seat at the dayglo yellow chair at the gate of her house. As we cannot transfer the original chair from London to Frankfurt, but want the chair to represent her sophisticated and funny artwork, we are looking for a replica here in Frankfurt, which we can paint yellow. We therefore ask our audience, if somebody has a similar looking chair for the exhibition?


Nasha Experience put together a Live band

After the release of their very successful compilation "Eastern Drum and Breaks" Vol. 2 Nasha Experience are now putting a live band together. DJs and producers Ges-e and Osmani Soundz, tabla genius Aref Durvesh work together with veena player Chandra, a rapper and vocalist Swati Natekar, whose sweet voice you might remember from Nadia on Nitin Sawhney's album "Beyond Skin". Nasha opened the Bonn Biennale 2006 with an amazing party.

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