Bonn Biennale Opening Party with Nasha from London on 13 May 06

This year´s Biennale in Bonn concentrated on India and had invited the London based British-Asian Nasha Crew for the opening party. An excellent choice as tabla wizard Aref Durvesh, DJs and producers Ges-E and Osmani Soundz proved that night. They prepared the audience mindfully with downtempo tracks featuring Indian vocals or instrumental samples that even made the Indian Embassador in Germany gently move her shoulders.





Message from the Dabba Cultural Transfer between India and Germany

The festival Import Export concentrated on the political implications of cultural transfers and the cultural peculiarities of economic relationships between India and Germany. It was curated by the filmmakers and authors Dorothee Wenner and Merle Kröger, who showed their film "Starbiz" at the festival. The Berlin chapter was the third part of a series, which started in Bombay in March 2005 and then with a stop over in Vienna travelled to Berlin, always a special film programme in the luggage, but varying the conference at each place.




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